DC Comics Illustration Collection - Created by Dan Mora

When Folks come all up in the discussion thinking they’re the predator. 


Fourth of July and we outchea! See you at the functions.

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I already did the 6 photo thing but I was tagged by a few more people, so here’s 6 photos with me and my baby thatninjawordz.

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The Six Paths of Pain

lazylunatic asked: Taking that as a yes
thegirlwithcaramelskin replied:

I can’t hate all white people, one of my cousin’s best friends is white and sometimes I see him on Thanksgiving.


Saul Williams Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 < Peep how Saul controls this interview!!!

lazylunatic asked: Sooo do you hate white people in general or just the ones who are cunts (A.K.A. a lot of us)

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I got blood on my hands but it’s mostly Mosquito 



Baxter Wordsworth reviews porn

I. II. III. IV. V. VI.
Baxter Wordsworth Reviews Porn (and other interests)
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